CNC Solutions operates in modern facilities of a total area of 850 m2, consisting of production, quality control, warehousing, management and technical training facilities.

Production machinery, quality control equipment and software programs cover a wide spectrum of applications and consist of:


  • 1 CNC automated input saw Bianco

Vertical CNC machining centers:

  • 1 CNC 5-axis HAAS UMC-750SS
  • 2 CNC 5-axis HAAS UMC-500SS
  • 1 CNC 4-axis HAAS VM-2  
  • 1 CNC 4-axis HAAS VF-1
  • 1 CNC 4-axis HAAS VF-2SSYT
  • 1 CNC 4-axis HAAS VF-3 SS
  • 1 CNC 3-axis HAAS Mini Mill
  • 1 CNC 3-axis HAAS VF-2
  • 1 CNC 3-axis HAAS VF-2 SS

CNC Turning centers - lathes

  • 1 CNC 4-axis HAAS ST-20Y
  • 1 CNC 4-axis Quicktech i-42 ECO
  • 2 CNC 3-axis OKUMA ES-L8 II
  • 1 CNC 3-axis OKUMA GENOS L200E-M
  • 1 CNC 2-axis HAAS SL-20
  • 1 CNC 2-axis HAAS ST-30

Laser marking:

  • 1 YAG-75DP Laser Marking Machine

Quality control:

  • 1 5-axis Coordinate Measuring Machine C.M.M.HEXAGON GLOBAL Lite 07.07.05
  • 1 Coordinate Measuring Machine C.M.M. DEA Mistral 070705
  • 1 Coordinate Measuring Machine C.M.M. Mutitoyo EURO M-544
  • 1 hardness tester
  • 1 roughness tester
  • Full range of high-precision measuring instruments

Software programs:

  • PDM Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks PDM Professional
  • CAD  Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Premium and Professional
  • CIMCO SCHEDULER for production planning & CIMCO MDC-MAX for data collection system with real-time machine monitoring
  • ERP software for the commercial, financial and production management Softone
  • Online order and production monitoring system (accessible by clients)


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