CNC Solutions, recognizing the need for continuous improvement of environmental performance based on the principles of sustainable development and in compliance with legislation and international standards, aims at balanced economic growth in harmony with nature.

Following a course of sustainable development, it commits itself to carry out its activities in a way that ensures the protection of the environment and the health and safety of workers, the local community and the public. The environmental policy of the company is the company's commitment to respect the principles of sustainable development.

CNC Solutions adopts an environmental management system in line with the principles of ISO 14001.

The company's policy to ensure the protection of the environment is based on the following principles:

  • It takes measures to protect the environment in compliance with environmental legislation and the environmental conditions.
  • Applies an environmental management system to all the activities of its production process.
  • Defines Objects and objectives of environmental Interventions.
  • Evaluates and improves its overall environmental performance by developing and implementing action programs to achieve the specific environmental goals, and always with a specified implementation period.
  • It adopts specific environmental control rules in its internal production function.
  • Improves its overall environmental performance, particularly in the areas of environmental pollution prevention and emergency risk management.
  • It implements the lifelong training and knowledge of its staff on environmental issues.
  • It promotes open dialogue and informing the public in a spirit of honest and mutual respect.
  • It establishes the concept of ecological sensitivity and environmental vision, which inspires the highest level of hierarchy, across the pyramid of employees in the company.

The environmental management manager ensures that well documented environmental management system processes are fully understood by the company's entire human resources and are implemented and maintained at all levels of the organizational structure and at all stages of the production process.

The managing director, in cooperation with the executives of the company, commits that on the one hand he will continuously ensure the complete and effective implementation of the environmental management system, on the other hand that he will provide all the necessary means for the continuous and uninterrupted operation of this and the continuous improvement.

CNC Solutions environmental policy reflects the responsibility and commitment of its top management for the absolute respect to the environment and aims to the minimization of negative consequences on it.

Hazardous waste management

According to Greek legislation, the management of industrial hazardous waste falls under the producer's responsibility. In this context, each producer should take on the management of its hazardous waste following the defined processes or select a suitable partner which, having all the licenses, safety measures and technical – economic solutions, will proceed to the safe and environmentally correct management providing the producer with all obligatory certificates.

CNC Solutions collaborates with CYTOP SA which owns certified quality control, environmental management and hygiene and safety systems based on EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards respectively, for all its activities; CYTOP takes on the collection from our production facilities and removal of used emulsion (soap oil).

Scrap metal recycling

CNC Solutions recycles scraps from aluminum, stainless aluminum, brass, iron and other materials, on a permanent basis.

Indicatively, the recycling of aluminum:

  • consumes 95% less energy comparing with the production of aluminum from bauxite
  • results in 95% lower environmental pollution and 97% lower water pollution

Also, with the recycling of 1kg of aluminum, are saved:

  • 8 kg bauxite
  • 4 kg of chemical products
  • 14 kWh of energy

Oil mist collectors

All our machines have oil mist collectors installed. The collectors remove oil mist at source – reaching constant high efficiency rates of 99.95% - and return clean oil to the machines and clean air to the work place; thus, they strengthen the hygiene and safety levels of the work place and our personnel, while at the same time, save energy.

AFIS batteries recycling program

CNC Solutions is a member of the AFIS Batteries Recycling Program. In the special bucket in our company, are collected batteries of electronic thickness gauges, micrometers, mice, PC keyboards etc.

In addition, we take all necessary measures for the highest possible energy rationalization and saving through installation of solar water heater, solar membranes, LED lighting, inverter air conditions of energy class A etc.

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