Recognized quality system

The quality system, which is international, configured according to EN ISO 9001, supports the demanding quality objectives that have been set.

Insurance of survival

To invest in the most modern production methods to reduce production costs and hence the cost of our products and thereby maintain and enhance the acquired market share.

Customer satisfaction

We constantly look forward to the satisfaction of our customers, through the provision of quality products and services.

Ensure harmony, common direction and an appropriate work environment

Ensure structures through which all staff can participate fully in the company's objectives, with exemplary guidance and timely action from management as well as inspiration, encouragement and recognition of its contribution.

Safety and compatibility with the environment

Produce products and use production methods that are reliable, safe and environmentally friendly.

Cost and error confrontation

Always strive to reduce the production of defective products and to act constantly on the quality of the company's products.

Education and retraining

To properly train staff to create the bases for upgrading the quality of products and services produced and for developing partners, creating the conditions for the active participation of the partners in the operation of the company.

Corresponding suppliers to quality requirements

To work with suppliers who can unreservedly support the quality objectives we have set.

Continuous Improvement

To collect and analyze the necessary data and information that will help us in making daily and strategic decisions that will aim to achieve our goals and to constantly improve ourselves as an organization.


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