how to choose your cnc machining shop

When it comes to picking a suitable CNC machining facility for your venture, there are certain significant points that require consideration. In this blog post, we will delve into the essential aspects of how to choose your CNC Machining Shop, providing you with valuable insights and tips.

cnc cutting tool overheating

Do you press the big red button when you first see smoke, or when the fire alarm next door goes off? It is an unavoidable fact that if you cut or shear metal with a cutting tool or rub two metal surfaces together at speed it will generate heat. But how hot is too hot, and what can you do about it?

cnc machine chatter

Every CNC machine operator will have to deal with chatter from time to time. Milling, turning or drilling can all expose a part to this torment.

aluminium cnc machining

You know how it works. You stick down a new type of material and try the machine set-up you used last time. BANG! What happened? It is supposed to be easy to machine aluminum, right?

Our company's growth created the need for an ERP solution, able to manage effectively our sales and production processes. Our main objective was to find a solution that would cover all our future need as well. 

CNC Solutions is introducing the world’s first choice NC Simulation Software, VERICUT to the Greek and Cypriot market.

VERICUT NC Verification software from CGTech simulates milling, drilling, turning and many other operations. It helps to reduce the risk of errors which can destroy parts, increases efficiency, reduces cost and downtime and much more.

CNC Solutions is again at the front fore of developments in the sector of CNC machining education and participates in the Research Project "Entertainment Software Development for the Digital Education of CNC Machine Tools Programming".

CNC Solutions has been selected to participate as an associate member of ACTRIS, the European Research Infrastructure for the observation of aerosols, clouds and trace gases. It is the 74th member of the ACTRIS and is among just eight (8) members worldwide coming from the private sector.

Key evaluation criteria and selection of CNC Solutions for its involvement in the Research Infrastructure ACTRIS was its long experience in the design and manufacture of components, devices and instruments of environmental pollution measurement, the capabilities and infrastructure for R&D, and the most modern facilities available for technical training and personnel training.

With great success was completed the CNC Solutions' exhibition in the international SUBCON Advanced Manufacturing and Engineer Design & Innovation Show 2015, which took place in Birmingham (UK) in 2-4 June 2015.

During the show, were presented to the visitors our company’s capabilities and specialization in the designing and CNC sub-contracting manufacturing of parts and components of high precision and complexity for various industrial sectors, including defense, automotive industry, aerospace & aviation, medical equipment, R&D, shipping, high-tech industry, pharmaceuticals.

Aiming to the direct response of the increasing needs of its existing and new clients as well as the increase of its production capacity, CNC Solutions proceeded to the acquisition and installation of the 3-axis OKUMA L200E-M, one more high-tech CNC turning center.

The multi-tasking OKUMA L200E-M comes with a bar feeder which allows the automated processing of bars contributing to the automation of the production.

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