In a strategic agreement with the German company SPACE CONTROL GmbH, CNC Solutions becomes the exclusive distributor of the 3D mouse in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, FYROM and Albania. SPACE CONTROL GmbH is one of the largest German companies developing innovative sensor technologies, which are deployed in the SpaceController, the company’s 3D mouse.

SpaceController, through its innovative sensor technologies, transforms the 3D designing into an interactive and very user-friendly experience, with high accuracy and reduces the designing time, making itself a necessary equipment for the professional designers, CAD-CAM programmers, architects, web developers, graphic designers and advanced gamers.

The innovative sensor technologies incorporated in the German company’s 3D mouse, are used all over the world in industries like robotic steering, automotive, aviation, astronautics, medical technologies such as birth simulators and to control computed tomography.

SpaceControl 3D mouse can be found in selected sale points as well as in


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