In line with the continuation of its investment plans, CNC Solutions purchased and installed the new turning center OKUMA GENOS L200E-M of high efficiency and speed, which has been put in full operations few days ago.

The new 3-axis turning center has a range of advanced technologies and innovations. It was constructed in compliance with very high environmental standards and its advanced electronic parts achieve high levels of energy savings, which reached up to 57% in control operation and up to 12% in the motor operation.

The incorporation of the new machine in the existing production machinery equipment, will contribute, at the benefit of CNC Solutions clients, to even higher operation speeds, fast changes of tools as well as the capability of turning long components with small diameters (up to 18 times the diameter), with very high precision and requested roughness.

The very high operation speeds will contribute to the achievement of economical mass productions and, in combination with the significant energy savings, to the improvement of the production efficiency and the reduction of the unit production costs.

Finally, in combination with the milling machinery and the use of the specialized software IGF, the new turning center becomes the ideal machinery for the formulation of parts and components of high complexity and precision.


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