Within the scope of an original research project conducted in the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry at the Medical faculty of the University of Cologne – Germany, by the PhD candidate Villias Aristeidis, our company CNC Solutions was selected for the final phase of design and manufacturing of a high precision cutting device, which had to be done according to the special needs of this research. This device facilitates sectioning of cylindrical specimens in sectors in an accurate, reliable, reproducible, and standardized way. The first development phase included the design and execution of an operational prototype followed by pilot experiments and record of necessary improvements before the use of the equipment in the main research part.

In the final phase, CNC Solutions re-designed the device from the beginning by using the latest version of the design suit Solidedge ST5. Particular emphasis was put on the requested specifications of high robustness and resistance of the equipment taking into consideration the experiment requirements and the experience gained during the pilot experiments.

For the manufacturing of the microtome, CNC Solutions used certified materials and processed the metallic bars of certified alloys in order to create the parts of the base. Full quality control was conducted at each stage of the complicated manufacturing process by using a microscope and a certified application surface. Making use of the CNC Solutions' advanced computerized system, the University was given continuous and detailed updates regarding the progress of the project execution via timely video conferences.

In the final stage of the manufacturing process, CNC Solutions proceeded with the anodizing of the equipment parts and the marking of the logos of the University’s partners, who contributed to the execution of this project, making use of its advanced laser marking machine.


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