In the framework of the continuous upgrading and modernization of its production process, CNC Solutions proceeded to the purchase and installation of a tailor-made mobile application for the effective real-time control of the works of each one of its CNC machines.

The project outsourced to the company Alexander Moore, official representative of SAP® HELLAS in Greece and Cyprus, while seven (7) tablets were purchased for each one of the company’s CNC machines.

The application, which has been designed tailor-made for CNC Solutions individual needs, is connected and manages the data of the company’s SAP® Business One business software and its production orders. Making use of the application and the tablet, each user – programmer inputs real-time to the central control system all necessary data and information about the work flow of each stage of the production process.

In this way, significant benefits are achieved such as the real-time provision of information to the company’s management regarding the real production processes in line with the production orders, the timely identification of any discrepancies or problems and their immediate correction in order to avoid delays and strictly follow the timetables and the detailed and complete information provided to the client including traceability data as per user – programmer and machine.


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