CNC Solutions actively supports the ambitious efforts of three Greek architectures to export abroad their artistic ideas and concerns.

The project “Inputs, Loops & Anchors” is an exhibition which is going to take place from January 25th till March 17th 2013 in London. It is actually an initiative coming from KERNEL, an artistic team consisting of three young Greek architectures with special creative concerns.

CNC Solutions has taken on the planning, designing and construction of three types of metallic hardware prototypes, namely a “quick link”, a “hook” and a “screw” with a special reception, which lie at the very heart of the project. In the framework of the project, the public-domain 3D models will be disseminated over the web and publicized as “open source” material for further editing and processing from any interested parties.

For more information, you may visit the project platform

We wish every success to the creators of the project!

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