Remaining committed to the realization of its investment plans, CNC Solutions purchased and installed the new high-performance Super-Speed Vertical Machining Center HAAS VF-2SS, which started its operation in the last month.

The new Vertical Machining Center is a 3-axis machining center and is made in USA by HAAS, one of the global leaders in the manufacturing of CNC machinery.

The selection of the new Machining Center was based on its high spindle speeds, fast rapids and high-speed side-mount tool changer; those specifications increase thoughput and reduce cycle times, thus improve the total efficiency of the production operations. It is estimated that the use of the new machining center will result in the reduction of the production times by 46%.

Due to its high-speed operation, the new Vertical Machining Center is suitable for economical high-volume productions and will contribute to the on-time and efficient execution of the increasing orders coming from existing and potential clients.

In total, the use of the new Vertical Machining Center will have the following results:

− Increase of production capacity
− Reduction of cycle times and enhancement of throughput
− Timely and economical execution of high-volume productions
− Faster responses and results to our clients’ emergency needs
− Reduction of vibration, heat and noise.


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