CNC Solutions has been selected to participate as an associate member of ACTRIS, the European Research Infrastructure for the observation of aerosols, clouds and trace gases. It is the 74th member of the ACTRIS and is among just eight (8) members worldwide coming from the private sector.

Key evaluation criteria and selection of CNC Solutions for its involvement in the Research Infrastructure ACTRIS was its long experience in the design and manufacture of components, devices and instruments of environmental pollution measurement, the capabilities and infrastructure for R&D, and the most modern facilities available for technical training and personnel training.

ACTRIS consists of observation stations, exploratory platforms, calibration centers and a data center and serves a large community which is working on models and predictive systems, providing high quality data for atmospheric gases, clouds and trace gases.

Associated members of ACTRIS is expected to contribute to their capabilities to the project goals and benefit in various ways (acquisition expertise,synergies development etc.) from the activities undertaken under the project, which briefly is:

• Access to harmonized operating procedures and quality standards and implementation of standards for long-term observation of atmospheric variable
• Training of researchers and instrument operators, including international participants
• Joint ventures with SMEs for development of new technologies for use in atmospheric observations
• Provision of quality assured data to the central ACTRIS Data Centre
• Access to project meetings and technical workshop
• Access to web-based information and optimization of knowledge transfer within the scientific community.


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