Within an environment where the CNC formulation needs in Greece and abroad are constantly increasing, CNC Solutions monitors and responds to the market requirements with utmost flexibility, speed and effectiveness.

The company’s latest investments in the purchase and installation of two high-tech Haas tool machines create new formulation possibilities.

-HAAS ST-30 CNC Turning Center – Lathe
-HAAS VF-3 SS CNC Vertical Machining Center

The HAAS ST-30 CNC Turning Center – Lathe enables the cutting of larger diameters reaching 318mm.
The HAAS VF-3 SS CNC Vertical Machining Center makes it possible to formulate components and parts of larger dimensions with length reaching 1016mm. At the same time, it contributes to the improvement of the production efficiency due to its high speed and the included Renishaw wireless intuitive probe system an automated system for parts & tool setting, which in turn, reduces significantly the required setup time of the machine and the tools.

With the above investments, CNC Solutions is at the position to cover formulation needs for larger components and parts while, at the same time, reduces its formulation times and increases its production capacity.


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