In the context of continuous monitoring of the developments in the CNC sector and the evolving needs of its clients in Greece and abroad, CNC Solutions completed recently the upgrade of its quality control department with the purchase and installation of a high-tech measuring machine CMM CNC of high precision 2.5μm from the company DEA HEXAGON METROLOGY and other measuring equipment (Hardness & Roughness Testers) of high quality specification, providing new and even more comprehensive quality control services to its clients.

With the new measuring machine CMM CNC, quality control becomes an automated process substantially reducing the required time – especially for the massive productions – contributing to the already small delivery times and upgrading the quality and precision of the measurements to the level of 2.5μm.

With the use of Roughness Tester – which performs the measurements at rockwell and brinell – CNC Solutions clients ensure the authenticity and correctness of the material to be formulated, while in parallel, obtain useful information regarding the actual – current and future – formulation possibilities through specialized measurements which have to do with the thermal treatment process control, the quality control of surface protection, the behavior and resistance of the material over time, the behavior of the material under wearing and stressing conditions, the control of the resistance reduction after thermal treatment and the material resistance after tensile.

Finally, with the use of the roughness tester (which comes from the company TESA), CNC Solutions clients ensure the high precision measurement of the surface roughness and consequently, the full compliance of the deliverables to the requested quality expectations with regards the surfaces of the formulated materials.


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