In a strategic agreement with the German company OPEN MIND Technologies AG, CNC Solutions becomes the official distributor of the OPEN MIND’s CAD/CAM software products in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, FYROM and Albania.

OPEN MIND ranks among the top-5 providers of CAM solutions globally, according to CIMdata, an independent market research company, based on an analysis of 2012 market figures. OPEN MIND’S success is even more pronounced if take into consideration the company’s increase in turnover, 14.8% in 2012, rocketing OPEN MIND up to number three on the list of CAM providers with the strongest growth globally.

In a strategic agreement with the German company SPACE CONTROL GmbH, CNC Solutions becomes the exclusive distributor of the 3D mouse in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, FYROM and Albania. SPACE CONTROL GmbH is one of the largest German companies developing innovative sensor technologies, which are deployed in the SpaceController, the company’s 3D mouse.

In absolute consistency with its values of emphasis in detail and passion for excellence and following the increasing needs of its widening clientele, CNC Solutions has proceeded to the implementation of a series of investments aiming to the strengthening and upgrade of its quality control operations, both with the purchase of new calibrated equipment and advanced measuring machine as well as the creation of an additional job position exclusively for the quality control department.

In line with the continuation of its investment plans, CNC Solutions purchased and installed the new turning center OKUMA GENOS L200E-M of high efficiency and speed, which has been put in full operations few days ago.

The new 3-axis turning center has a range of advanced technologies and innovations. It was constructed in compliance with very high environmental standards and its advanced electronic parts achieve high levels of energy savings, which reached up to 57% in control operation and up to 12% in the motor operation.

Within the scope of an original research project conducted in the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry at the Medical faculty of the University of Cologne – Germany, by the PhD candidate Villias Aristeidis, our company CNC Solutions was selected for the final phase of design and manufacturing of a high precision cutting device, which had to be done according to the special needs of this research. This device facilitates sectioning of cylindrical specimens in sectors in an accurate, reliable, reproducible, and standardized way. The first development phase included the design and execution of an operational prototype followed by pilot experiments and record of necessary improvements before the use of the equipment in the main research part.

In the framework of the continuous upgrading and modernization of its production process, CNC Solutions proceeded to the purchase and installation of a tailor-made mobile application for the effective real-time control of the works of each one of its CNC machines.

The project outsourced to the company Alexander Moore, official representative of SAP® HELLAS in Greece and Cyprus, while seven (7) tablets were purchased for each one of the company’s CNC machines.

CNC Solutions actively supports the ambitious efforts of three Greek architectures to export abroad their artistic ideas and concerns.

The project “Inputs, Loops & Anchors” is an exhibition which is going to take place from January 25th till March 17th 2013 in London. It is actually an initiative coming from KERNEL, an artistic team consisting of three young Greek architectures with special creative concerns.

The design and manufacturing of after – sales moto accessories on behalf of MOTODINAMIKI SA – a company listed in the Athens Stock Exchange and official exclusive representative of YAMAHA MOTOR CORPORATION LTD in Greece, Romania and Bulgaria – is undertaken by CNC Solutions.

The new strategic cooperation will result in the improvement and enrichment of MOTODINAMIKI product portfolio and consequently, will push its sales during a very tough period due to the economic crisis.

According to the Greek legislation, the management of industrial hazardous waste falls under the producer’s responsibility. In this context, each production company should take on the management of its hazardous waste following the defined processes or select a suitable partner which, having all the licenses, safety measures and technical – economic solutions, will proceed to the safe and environmentally correct management and provide the producer with all necessary certificates.

CNC Solutions has completed the installation of oil mist collectors at all its machineries. The collectors remove oil mist at source – reaching constant high efficiency rates of 99.95% - and return clean oil to machines and clean air to the work place; this way, they strengthen the hygiene and safety levels of the work place and our personnel.

At the same time, the use of the oil mist collectors directly results in energy saving and the reduction of our company’s total carbon footprint, thus strengthening our company’s policy of implementing measures for environmental protection.