CNC Solutions was selected by SAP® HELLAS as success story in the category of small and medium-sized enterprises due to its comprehensive and successful implementation of “SAP® Business One” Program. CNC Solutions success story has been the central communication and promotion theme in the context of SAP program “Best-Run Businesses Run SAP®” running at national level.

CNC Solutions was selected as the success story in the midst of crisis with a 4-pages coverage in the last version of the magazine ERGALIOMICHANES.
Magazine managers visited CNC Solutions, took photos of the company’s facilities and discussed with the company’s owners Mr. Gounas (Commercial Director) and Mr. Enezlis (Technical Director).

CNC Solutions continuous the realization of its investment plans aiming at the regular upgrade of the quality of its products and services.

A modern leading-edge laser marking machinery was purchased and installed in the company’s production space the last month. Thus, from now on, we offer to our client companies the capability of marking their logos, signs, serial numbers and drawings on the surface of their products with the highest precision and speed.

Remaining committed to the realization of its investment plans, CNC Solutions purchased and installed the new high-performance Super-Speed Vertical Machining Center HAAS VF-2SS, which started its operation in the last month.

The new Vertical Machining Center is a 3-axis machining center and is made in USA by HAAS, one of the global leaders in the manufacturing of CNC machinery.

In the context of providing constantly high quality services, CNC SOLUTIONS pioneers and provides to their clients the possibility to monitor online the production development of their orders, their account balances and their open orders.

Access to the online monitoring system is done through our website

Μετριτική Μηχανή Συντεταγμένων (CMM) της Mitutoyo

The installation of Mitutoyo's coordinate measuring machine (CMM) was completed successfully as well as the personnel training. As a result, we completely secure the requested tolerance & specifications of the mechanical drawings.